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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Money Shot

Sam and Leon.
2 Kids high fiving saying “ Teamwork” on the field.

The reason that we think this shows the heart of Waimairi because Football shows Teamwork and the Year 6 is playing and role modelling for the Year 4. Football is fun and everyone can play it.

Art Blogs

Art Blog: Drama
We have started a rotation with Dance, Drama and Music. So far I have done Drama with Danielle and Dance with Kiri.

Drama was super fun, I was different than I thought it was going to be like.

I thought drama was going to have something to do with plays and stuff like that but I was completely wrong, Matthew and I were buddies and we did a bunch of stuff like being a robot and someone was a controller.

I wondered if drama was going to be something I was interested in. I learnt that I really liked doing drama, or being an actor because it's fun just pretending to be someone and stuff like that.

Art Blog: Trip To Town
On the trip to the Art Gallery we saw many interesting things. We saw gap filler art and cool paintings on the side of buildings.

When I first went to the art gallery I thought it was gonna be painting art, like stuff on canvases, but then I remembered anything could be art. There were sculptures and very interesting things like clay painted yellow and orange which is supposed be a lego Winnie the pooh.

I wondered if I would see any of the stuff I saw the first time I went there, but I slowly but surely realised that they changed quite a lot of the stuff there. Like before they had a big room just for a big candy city, well I guess the candy would probably eventually rot.

Art Blog: Sculpture Reflection
My sculpture wasn't going very well but now it's going pretty well because we have the stuff, and we just need to paint the glass yellow  1 or 2 more times, make the goggles and make the blue pants thing.

I think that spray paint would work much better than normal paint on glass, because after not being able to find any yellow spray paint, we had to use normal paint, and the glass is basically still see through but just yellow tinted.

On Friday I had to go to the doctors and Oliver finished the sculpture without me, and he couldn't find the eye, so he quickly made a new one but know the rim of the goggles are blue instead of black. Later that day we wondered where the eye was, Oliver found out that someone put it on a paint bottle because they lost the lid.

Art Blog: Dance
My second time doing the rotation I did Dance with Kiri. It was quite fun, we would just dance to the flow of the music, then after that we made up some dance moves and had to do them with buddies, my buddy was Savannah.

I think Dance overall was different than I thought it would be like, I also learnt a lot of things like that music is a MASSIVE part of dance because if you played a Minecraft theme song and danced hip-hop style, it would be very weird because I'm pretty sure they don't go together. Also dancing with music is a lot better than dancing with no music, it kinda adds a vibe to it.

I wonder if music was not a thing and when you danced, you dance with no music, dance would still be as popular as it is today (2017).

Art Blog: Photos
Capturing a moment in time, in Waimairi was quite fun, everyone just got to take photos and selfies and stuff. I got a crazy photo with basically nothing but faces, crazy faces, it looks amazing.
When you take a photo, you are capturing a split second in time in the camera , it's like everything just stops and is frozen in the photo. It is capturing a moment in time.

Art Blog: Calender art
Today Kahukura are making calendar art. I am making a silhouette Basketball player, a Soccer player, for some reason I drew a teddy, and a surfer with a rainbow background.
I thought that having a bit of white on the outside of the silhouettes would look cool but no, I wish that I could go back and get rid of it but I cannot sadly. Overall I think my calendar art looks pretty average, I don't know why I put a teddy, that was silly of me.

Hide ‘n’ Seek

The countdown had just finished, the seekers were now coming. I was in a tree and I just scraped my knee on a branch, it hurt but I needed to get higher for hiding safety, so I climbed upwards as I got stabbed and scratched by branches. I had now reached a good spot and I had a good feeling about this round being scrunched up in between some leaves and some branches, it was really uncomfortable. I couldn't see anything up here, nothing but lime green leaves and rough tree branches. I heard the leaves rustling in the wind and kids shouting in the distance. It had been a while and I was bored out of my mind so I decided to come down from my tree, I soon realised that it was a bad idea. I came 3rd, and I was depressed because I could of came 1st.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Sculpture Reflection

Found art is art made out of things that you have just found at home, or just everyday things that you use all the time.
Oliver, Sam and I made a minion piggy bank, with one eye, goggles, arms and blue pants or whatever they are.

My inspiration was actually Zoe's sculpture, and I was like, I'm going to make a minion, but it's gonna be a piggy bank.

We didn't really have anything that went well but we had a lot of problems, like we lost the eye, someone broke the hat for him and I couldn't finish the minion because I had a doctor's appointment.

If I could do something different next time it would definitely be to get spray paint and use spray paint instead of normal paint on glass because normal paint looks ugly and you can almost see through it which is bad.


--Marlborough Sounds--

Ahh, again, in the car, driving to some other place far, far away.
The drive so far was dreadful.
I was bored and my head was filled with nothingness.
But after about 7 hours of possibly the worst drive in my life I reached the Marlborough Sounds. It looked amazing, a private beach with kayaks, there was a pontoon and the holiday  house was in the middle of a forest, there was no sign of anyone, also almost everyone in my family was coming and one of my friends had come with me too.

But anyway once everyone was at the holiday house my auntie and I went kayaking, it was my first time kayaking and it was fun, but then all of a sudden we got stuck in between some rocks. She got out of the kayak and tried to pull us out but then all of a sudden, about three jellyfish just got attracted to her so she just tried to jump into the kayak but she slipped out like melted butter. But she swam under the kayak to safety.

Later that day I decided to have a bath, so I turned on the tap and went to get a towel. As I got a towel a long horrific worm came out of the tap and it fell into the bath. I was grossed out and I didn't have a shower or a bath for the rest of the stay.

The next morning my friend and I got a bowl and collected a bunch of crabs, after about half an hour of crab hunting, there were roughly fifty crabs in the bowl. All of sudden my friend had an idea, he wanted to pour the crabs onto a jellyfish. I gave him the bowl and he dramatically poured the crabs onto one of a million jellyfish on the beach. They literally just walked off the jellyfish like it was part of the beach.

Once we returned the empty bowl back to the house. we found my mum and my 2 aunties on the other side of the beach, they had found a million oysters on the side of a massive rock. My mum told me to try one so she opened up a shell and inside was a wet, sloppy oyster. I slowly put the oyster in my mouth, it was salty and slimy, but I kinda like the taste of them, they literally look like mashed up slugs almost.
After I had a few more oysters it was getting dark so we all walked back and had dinner with everyone else.

When we sadly had to go back home, we stopped in Kaikoura because we saw a bunch of seals. Most of them were fat chubby adults, we also saw a few baby seals, to be honest all of the seals were fat. Some of the seals were swimming in the water, but some of them were just flopped on some rocks cooking themselves in the afternoon sun. I took a few photos of them but then we had to get back on the road again...

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Science Plan

What I need.
Swing: Popsicle sticks, string and hot glue.
Slide: Cardboard, popsicle sticks, coloured paper and hot glue.
Hopscotch: Coloured paper and glue.

Swing: Cut the ends off 5 popsicle sticks and hot glue them together, then hot glue 2 pieces of string to the the the top popsicle stick. Hot glue a small popsicle stick to the 2 pieces of string.
Slide: Glue the paper to cardboard then shape the cardboard to the slide. Use paper or card to make sides or the slide. Use popsicle sticks to make ladder to slide.
Hopscotch: Make squares with coloured paper and glue them to the base of playground.
Flying fox: Use popsicle sticks to make start and end of the flying fox, use string for the line and put a tiny piece of straw on the string and connect a seat to the straw.

How these objects use force:
The swing uses force because if you pull the swing back, gravity will try pull it back to the middle.
The slide uses force because gravity pulls you down the slide and you accelerate as you go down the slide.
Hopscotch uses force because you hop into different squares, but gravity is the force that brings you back down to the ground.
The flying fox uses force because when you go on it you accelerate and pulled by gravity down to the other end.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Science Blogs

Science Chair Pulley Week 4
This week I got to choose between three science activities, ping pong ramp, basketball bounce, and chair pulley. I chose to do the chair pulley because I didn't get to do last week because I was at reading. We made it with two chairs, some rope and a basket, it worked so we moved the chairs so one was on the top seat of the forum seating, and one on the floor, it still worked perfectly.

 I found out that there is friction on the rope because there are knots because the rope had split into 3 tiny bits, because of that it is harder for the basket to move, but I also learnt that it helped when we put the rope on a diagonal angle because the basket just falls back down. But if you put the end of the basket over the knot, when you pull the rope the basket hangs on the rope and doesn't fall off.

 I wonder if I made a chair pulley under water it would still work, or the basket would just float up to the end?

Science Rocket  Balloon Week 5
I got to choose between 2 activities because I was in Bali for the first day of science. I made a Rocket Balloon with Liam and at first it didn't go to well because the balloon popped twice because when I put the sellotape on the balloon when it was blown up it explodes in my face. After a while Shileen came and did it perfectly, she showed Liam and I how to do it. She put paper on the balloon and connected that to the straw on the string. We did the same and it worked but our thing was too long so the straw didn't reach the end.

 I learnt that if you put sellotape on a blown up balloon it pops. I wonder if our rocket balloon would work if we figured out how to connect 2 balloons so the balloon would go faster and get to the end quicker.

Science Catapult Week 6
Yesterday I made a new catapult in 15 minutes, Ollie and I were working together and we used the new catapult that I made. We had to put 1 rubber band on the cotton ball, see how far it gets, then you have to do the same till you get to 10. Once you get to 10 you have to put 3 cotton balls into 1 ball and fire that, then see how far that goes. 

I learnt that the more you power in the pull that you use on the catapult, the more power the catapult puts into the cotton ball, and if the cotton ball is weighted down it will go even further. 

I wonder what would happen if we used a small rock, because that could be heavier than a cotton ball.

Science Catapult Week 7
This week Ollie and I gathered data about the weight of cotton balls and how far the cotton ball could go if you added rubber bands. 

People say that the more weight you put on the ball the further it will go, but after 4 rubber bands, the ball was getting to heavy and wouldn't go as far.  So maybe if you put a cotton ball with 10 rubber bands on it and a cotton ball with 1 rubber band the distances for both would be close to each other. 

I wonder what the perfect amount of rubber bands Ollie and I would need to put to make the perfect weight, so it wouldn't be too much weight but not to light.

Science Catapult Week 8
What is force: Force is gravity pushing and pulling things, example: If I throw a ball, the force from my hand pushes the ball away from my hand.

This week at science Ollie and I carried on gathering data about how far cotton balls go with more weight on them, we also put rubber bands around 3 cotton balls and gathered data about that. We  had to make a graph about how far the cotton balls went with up to 10 rubber bands on them. 
We used a metre ruler to rule how far the balls went. 

Ollie and I changed how many rubber bands were on the cotton ball, and how many cotton balls we fired at once. When Ollie and I had finished the three cotton balls part we realised that they went further than one cotton ball, we think it's because the weight, because it started going less distance when we got to four rubber bands around the cotton balls. The first test for one ball was 1m 50cms and the first test for three balls was 2m 59cms. The 5th test for the one ball was 2m 5cm, three balls was 4m 57cms. As you can see the tests with three balls go alot further.

I learnt that the weight of the cotton ball doesn't really matter, it's how much you pull back the spoon, because Ollie and I had a ball with 3 bands on it and it went like 4 metres and 4 bands and 5 bands went horribly, but 6 bands went like 6 metres.

This learning makes me wonder about if it would be easier if the plastic spoon, was replaced with a rubber or a bendy material spoon, because there would be more fling, so there would be more force pushing the ball. If you pull the spoon back of the catapult, when you let go the spoon will fling forward and push the cotton ball away from the spoon. The cotton ball will eventually fall to the ground because gravity pulled it down to the ground.