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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Discovery Time Reflection 15/3/16

Today at Discovery Time I Ran Soccer with Ollie on the field. Liam, Jack, Sean, Oliver, Oliver T and Niko were playing with us.

The role that Ollie and I played was teaching and showing so the others so they can learn or know how to do something.

A strategy I used was teaching what I had been taught and copying games that my coach made my team play, I used this so that the games that I teach aren't so bad and don't muck up.

Something new that I learnt was being a leader wasn't so bad!
A struggle for me was that sometimes some people won't listen and just kick the balls away which is annoying.

I showed a growth mindset when I decided to make up a shooting game right on the spot cause I didn't know what to do! I lined up the balls and then Ollie and I told them to shoot in the goal,if you score move your ball back a metre then shoot,if you miss keep going.

Next time I would like to do toku toku panels because they look really cool!

Overall I think today went really well. Ollie and I were quite happy with what we did and how everybody played,I think today was really fun!

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