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Monday, 13 June 2016

Term 1 The Arts Solo Rubric

During Term 1 we have defined BEAT with what we think beat is then learnt about pumanawatanga. We learnt about some of the elements of music. We experimented with notation and Jono came and taught us some musical terms. We played beat games like concentration. We created a performance about our Tuesday morning with Discovery time activities and we also made a parody of Uptown Funk representing morning tea. Hamish, Sanjive, Niko, Riley and made a phrase about ‘Football’ because it is one of the Discovery Time activities. The whole thing was really enjoyable and I made better friends with all of the people I worked with.

I am at MultiStructural level because I can identify beat in many ways and I can see a beat in different things like heart beat. My next step is to understand the purpose of it.

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