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Thursday, 28 September 2017


--Marlborough Sounds--

Ahh, again, in the car, driving to some other place far, far away.
The drive so far was dreadful.
I was bored and my head was filled with nothingness.
But after about 7 hours of possibly the worst drive in my life I reached the Marlborough Sounds. It looked amazing, a private beach with kayaks, there was a pontoon and the holiday  house was in the middle of a forest, there was no sign of anyone, also almost everyone in my family was coming and one of my friends had come with me too.

But anyway once everyone was at the holiday house my auntie and I went kayaking, it was my first time kayaking and it was fun, but then all of a sudden we got stuck in between some rocks. She got out of the kayak and tried to pull us out but then all of a sudden, about three jellyfish just got attracted to her so she just tried to jump into the kayak but she slipped out like melted butter. But she swam under the kayak to safety.

Later that day I decided to have a bath, so I turned on the tap and went to get a towel. As I got a towel a long horrific worm came out of the tap and it fell into the bath. I was grossed out and I didn't have a shower or a bath for the rest of the stay.

The next morning my friend and I got a bowl and collected a bunch of crabs, after about half an hour of crab hunting, there were roughly fifty crabs in the bowl. All of sudden my friend had an idea, he wanted to pour the crabs onto a jellyfish. I gave him the bowl and he dramatically poured the crabs onto one of a million jellyfish on the beach. They literally just walked off the jellyfish like it was part of the beach.

Once we returned the empty bowl back to the house. we found my mum and my 2 aunties on the other side of the beach, they had found a million oysters on the side of a massive rock. My mum told me to try one so she opened up a shell and inside was a wet, sloppy oyster. I slowly put the oyster in my mouth, it was salty and slimy, but I kinda like the taste of them, they literally look like mashed up slugs almost.
After I had a few more oysters it was getting dark so we all walked back and had dinner with everyone else.

When we sadly had to go back home, we stopped in Kaikoura because we saw a bunch of seals. Most of them were fat chubby adults, we also saw a few baby seals, to be honest all of the seals were fat. Some of the seals were swimming in the water, but some of them were just flopped on some rocks cooking themselves in the afternoon sun. I took a few photos of them but then we had to get back on the road again...

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