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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Art Blogs

Art Blog: Drama
We have started a rotation with Dance, Drama and Music. So far I have done Drama with Danielle and Dance with Kiri.

Drama was super fun, I was different than I thought it was going to be like.

I thought drama was going to have something to do with plays and stuff like that but I was completely wrong, Matthew and I were buddies and we did a bunch of stuff like being a robot and someone was a controller.

I wondered if drama was going to be something I was interested in. I learnt that I really liked doing drama, or being an actor because it's fun just pretending to be someone and stuff like that.

Art Blog: Trip To Town
On the trip to the Art Gallery we saw many interesting things. We saw gap filler art and cool paintings on the side of buildings.

When I first went to the art gallery I thought it was gonna be painting art, like stuff on canvases, but then I remembered anything could be art. There were sculptures and very interesting things like clay painted yellow and orange which is supposed be a lego Winnie the pooh.

I wondered if I would see any of the stuff I saw the first time I went there, but I slowly but surely realised that they changed quite a lot of the stuff there. Like before they had a big room just for a big candy city, well I guess the candy would probably eventually rot.

Art Blog: Sculpture Reflection
My sculpture wasn't going very well but now it's going pretty well because we have the stuff, and we just need to paint the glass yellow  1 or 2 more times, make the goggles and make the blue pants thing.

I think that spray paint would work much better than normal paint on glass, because after not being able to find any yellow spray paint, we had to use normal paint, and the glass is basically still see through but just yellow tinted.

On Friday I had to go to the doctors and Oliver finished the sculpture without me, and he couldn't find the eye, so he quickly made a new one but know the rim of the goggles are blue instead of black. Later that day we wondered where the eye was, Oliver found out that someone put it on a paint bottle because they lost the lid.

Art Blog: Dance
My second time doing the rotation I did Dance with Kiri. It was quite fun, we would just dance to the flow of the music, then after that we made up some dance moves and had to do them with buddies, my buddy was Savannah.

I think Dance overall was different than I thought it would be like, I also learnt a lot of things like that music is a MASSIVE part of dance because if you played a Minecraft theme song and danced hip-hop style, it would be very weird because I'm pretty sure they don't go together. Also dancing with music is a lot better than dancing with no music, it kinda adds a vibe to it.

I wonder if music was not a thing and when you danced, you dance with no music, dance would still be as popular as it is today (2017).

Art Blog: Photos
Capturing a moment in time, in Waimairi was quite fun, everyone just got to take photos and selfies and stuff. I got a crazy photo with basically nothing but faces, crazy faces, it looks amazing.
When you take a photo, you are capturing a split second in time in the camera , it's like everything just stops and is frozen in the photo. It is capturing a moment in time.

Art Blog: Calender art
Today Kahukura are making calendar art. I am making a silhouette Basketball player, a Soccer player, for some reason I drew a teddy, and a surfer with a rainbow background.
I thought that having a bit of white on the outside of the silhouettes would look cool but no, I wish that I could go back and get rid of it but I cannot sadly. Overall I think my calendar art looks pretty average, I don't know why I put a teddy, that was silly of me.

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